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August 31, 2013

Silver Flame: Gassed and Unmasked!

Silver Flame makes a deal with a black market dealer to take a brief look at crucial documents he has. But as she peers into his briefcase a thick cloud of gas billows into her masked face, leaving her weak and helpless. Now the villain can get what he came for: the mask of the Silver Flame!

August 30, 2013

[Story] Catwoman and Batgirl: A Friendship Lost

I met a guy named 'BatFanTexas' on Nostalgic Sources' swiftly fading website who had written a script for a Catwoman/Batgirl story. Here's what he wrote about it:

"So I put together a rough script that I had in my head.  I don't have the resources, equipment of talent to make it a reality, but if someone in the forum who does make fan films would like to take shot at it, they would be more than welcome.It is more of an outline, so there would need to more dialogue and story elements to flesh out production.  And the characters would't have to be Batgirl and Catwoman."

I thought it was pretty good so I offered to post it here. I hope he doesn't mind but I also posted it in the Fan Fiction area of Take Off Your Mask!

(I put a fold in this post to save space on my front page. As usual, just click the Let Me See button to read more.)

Catwoman and Batgirl: A Friendship Lost
(Scene 1)
Two women are sitting in an apartment, Selina Kyle and Barbara Gordon.
They have been best friends for four years, and are now roommates.  They have grown very close over these years, both never really being able to make many friends, due to each of their night-time escapades, but this relationship seems to work.
The two begin talking about their plans for the weekend,when Barbara picks up the newspaper,
Babs: Looks like Catwoman is at it again, she just stoleanother priceless artifact from the Gotham Museum.  I am so sick of hearing stories about her, someone needs to put a stop to her.
Selina: I don’t know, I think it’s kind of fun, having astrong masked woman  go against social norms.  And besides, what makes her any different from Batgirl?
Babs: Batgirl wears her mask to protect the innocent, she is a symbol for justice.
Selina:  She wears a mask for the same reason Catwoman does, so nobody know who she is, at least Catwoman is honest about it.
They have had this conversation before, the only thing thetwo have ever disagreed about.
But they each decide to let the matter go, because the less they talk about their alter egos the better. 
They make plans for Saturday.

A Nostalgic Source Photoshoot!

Nostalgic Source seems to have a knack for persuading pretty woman to don the mask... and then have it removed. And not just this one, this one, and this one (in 2015). He has kindly contributed this photo shoot of yet another fine Batgirl willing to pose for him. I've never actually met NS but he must be a really charismatic guy!

August 29, 2013

Pretty French Thieves Caught and Unmasked!

Once the three masked thieves are ambushed and arrested by the authorities, of course they must suffer through the humiliation of being unmasked by their enemies...

Not superheroines but I sure love watching thier identies being exposed

August 28, 2013

August 27, 2013

Wardrobe Malfunction for Batgirl!

As an extra special bonus today: The 'Dynamic Damsel' accidentally loses her mask before a gang of crooks while executing one of her patented kicks during a fight. Should have secured it better, Barbara! Is this the end of Batgirl?

Egghead Unmasks the Teriffic Trio!

 The egg-strordinarily evil Egghead egg-sposes the secret identities of Batgirl and the Dynamic Duo on live TV!!

August 26, 2013

[Slight Nudity] The Unmasking of DarkWing!

By popular demand here is the unmasking sequence from 'DarkWing: Flying Solo.'

(Note: Dailymotion knew what this was and refused to upload it the first time, hence the boring, non-descriptive title to get them to take it. I don't know how long that will work though, so enjoy it while you can.)

August 25, 2013

Manga Superheroine Unmasked!

For a cartoon unmasking, she's pretty hot. This is from the manga 'Empowered, vol. 1,' which can be read here (after jumping through several hoops). Thanks for this info commenters!

August 24, 2013

Joker Defeats and Unmasks Batgirl!

Batgirl and Joker face each each other, and Joker emerges the victor. Now, with the Masked Maiden chained up in his hideout, the mad clown gleefully humiliates her... starting with removing her mask.

August 23, 2013

[Cartoon Nudity] Mechanically Unmasked!

As an added bonus today, here are 2 nice pieces of unmasking art by TheBob (later 'elBob'). I don't see him around much anymore but I've always liked the way he rendered nude superheroine bodies and the way his masks stretch as they are pulled off. ElBob, we hardly knew ye! Where have you gone? Click here to see more of his work!

FYI: Most of elBob's art leans toward abusing heroines in nasty ways rather than unmasking them. Just don't want anybody to be shocked or disappointed when you visit his gallery.

Also, because these 2 hapless young ladies have all their secrets exposed (i.e., full frontal cartoon nudity) I've put both of them beneath the fold. Click on the 'Let Me See' button to reveal them!

Batman Unmasks Batgirl!

More artistic manipulations from the prolific pen (or Photoshop) of Dave the Dude.

August 22, 2013

[Some Nudity] DarkWing: Exposed!

The unmasking scene in 'DarkWing: Flying Solo.'  Enjoy!

Note: I put most of it beneath the fold just so it won't monopolize the page. Nothing to do with top being open. Just click 'Let Me See' to see the whole thing.

August 21, 2013


...And when the smoke cleared Catwoman stood victorious, holding Batgirl's mask in her hand! "Why Barbara Gordon," she purred, "YOU are Batgirl? Purrrfect..."

(Created by one of my oldest unmasking comrades, BatMad, back when the address at the bottom of the page was the place for unmaskers to be. His stuff, including his other obsession with boots, can be found at: and  )

August 20, 2013

Take Off Your Mask!

Pssst! Have you heard? All the cool kids hang out at 'Take Off Your Mask,' the new, upscale, freshly painted forum dedicated to all aspects of unmasking super-heroines! Make your voice heard! Demand that your favorite masked woman be exposed! Join today!

Batgirl is Chloroformed and Unmasked!

Batgirl is chloroformed into oblivion and her mask pulled off!

(A colored rendition of another fabulous work by Monsieur Paul. The original drawing is below.)

Lotion: Unmasked at Last!

(Some of you may have met my friend 'Lotion' at Nostalgic Source or elsewhere. She's part of the unmasking community and a big fan of exposed superheroines. Now she volunteered to contribute some photos of her being being unmasked if I would write a little story to go along with them. Naturally, I agreed!)

Lotion was finally at the end of a hard day of battling crime in the city. Her body ached, particularly from that gang of thugs she had to fight singlehandedly. They swarmed her at one point and almost managed to pull off her mask.  If they had exposed her, they would have had Lotion at their mercy. Her career would be ruined.The whole criminal underworld wanted to unmask her, it seemed. They all knew that being unmasked was her Achilles heel. But that time Lotion had fought them off... barely.

Now it was time to return to her secret lair and rest. But there were the ever-present fans. They were always asking for an autograph, or a photo with her and she didn't want to disappoint them. So she posed with little kids who had a Lotion action figure and 'tweens' who wanted her signature on an unauthorized comic about her that somebody had done. A large crowd stood around watching.

Then a 20-ish guy and girl asked if Lotion would pose on a seat with one of them on each side... like friends. A third friend would take a few photos. Suspecting nothing, the heroine sat and the two slid up very close. The thought crossed her mind that the guy was getting a little too close, but young guys sometimes tried to get a bit "personal" with the superheroine so they could brag about it later. Jerks.

But this time she was in a much more dangerous situation. A fourth accomplice had sneaked up behind her. Suddenly the two people grabbed Lotion's arms and
pinned them at her side!
"Wha -- what are you doing?" she asked, taken aback. Then, before she could react, the accomplice reached down... and grabbed her mask! She began to struggle but it was already too late. He pulled her mask up from her face while their  other friend took picture after picture.

"No," the stunned heroine cried out. "Not my mask!!"

And then, galvanized by her words, the crowd closed in, eager to see who Lotion really was! "No, no!" she screamed. "Please don't look at my face!" Instinctively she pulled free from the two people's grip and covered her face with her hands. Bystanders grabbed her arms and tugged at them, trying to force them away so they could get a good look.

Lotion finally was able to break free although someone had already claimed her mask as a trophy. She was forced to hide in the shadows and turn her face away from everyone until she was able to reach her headquarters, where she slumped down in despair. Now there were people who had seen her face, possibly recognized her! And there were the photos. What if those people uploaded them to the Internet -- maybe to some weird unmasking fetish site? There were such foul places! They might have given them to the police. Or what if they were working for one of her worst enemies? She would be defenseless against them!

Was her career over?

August 19, 2013

Exquisitely Tormented and Then Unmasked!

From the film vaults of El Dentista here's a special bonus for your afternoon (or whatever it is where you are) enjoyment:

(Created by, one of my all time favorite sites)

SheBat is tied and unmasked! by tusken_x

Ganging Up on Batgirl!

Harley and Catwoman have combined their forces for one purpose: to ambush Batgirl and expose her secret identity in public!

August 18, 2013

Catwoman: Taken Advantage of!

"So, the famous Catwoman, pinned down in my bed. How delightful! Now just inhale these fumes deeply... in and out. You can't fight it, you know. Yes... there we go, masked woman... completely at my mercy. Well, you won't be masked much longer, my dear. I can blackmail you into doing whatever I desire, my dear Catwoman, if I can find out who you really are.

So now, let's just slip off your mask and have a look at  your pretty face, shall we? Pulling it up your nose... up to your eyes... I must say this is rather exciting! And then up to the top of your head... and the mighty Catwoman is unmasked at last! Ha ha! And look at her lovely face... I believe our little cat is really Selina Kyle! How delicious! There are a lot of very powerful people who would kill to have you like I have you right.

Hmmm.. so many possibilities..."

Or, if you prefer...