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November 23, 2023

News About this Site

Hi everybody,

 There are some things I need to let you know about me and the site. I had a health crisis last December that almost killed me. I've pretty much recovered but it really made me think about things like the afterlife and how I've been living. Spiritually I really feel that I need to live a different way than I have been. Anyway, a lot of things have changed for me over the last year. One of them is that my heart just isn't in my website and unmaskings in general anymore.

Really I was getting disinterested when my old website disappeared and thought about walking away then. But I was so torqued off at whoever did that that I had to rebuild it. But really, more and more I'm just going through the motions, and there are other things I've gotten into that are taking an increasing part of my time. So I've decided that now it's time for me to walk away from Unmasker's Domain and the unmasking genre.

Unmasker's Domain will keep going for a while because I've been working a couple of weeks ahead, but eventually it will peter out. I'm not planning to shut it down, but to just lock the door and walk away. Same thing for my email and YouTube accounts. Luckily there are some other good unmasking sites out there, especially Maskripper, the Take of Your Mask board, and  Nostalgic Source is starting one up that he'll probably announce on TOYM.

I've enjoyed hearing from all of you. Right now it's just time for me to move on.